For starters, let’s get this out of the way. I know that now is not the time to buy an ultrabook. Intel’s next-generation Haswell CPU technology is just around the corner and they ‘ll bring with them huge gain in battery life and substantial performance improvements. However, I badly need a portable machine (although, to be fair, that was also the case six months ago).

As a result, I’ve been looking around these last few weeks but results have been disappointing and the inadequacies of the Greek market make matters worse. Even if I waited for Haswell, it will surely take a considerable amount of time for the new models to be available in Greece. Moreover, they will be, at least for the first few months, really expensive. Pair this with the prices of some Sandy Bridge equipped machines currently on the market and it’s hard to believe that prices will drop anytime soon. As if the above were not enough, the available choices in Greece are dramatically reduced in comparison to other countries and – surprise, surprise – the prices tend to be higher.

Nonetheless, I’ve found a couple of ultrabooks within my budget that I’d be happy to own given the right configuration. Check them out:

The problem is that the first one is only available with an i3 Ivy Bridge CPU while the second’s only affordable configuration (900 euros) sports a Sandy Bridge i5.

Have your say people! Do you own any of these machines? Would you wait or buy now? Do you have another recommendation? Buy within budget or break the bank? Maybe I should rethink matters and go for a laptop? At least the options there seem to be more affordable.


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