Hello world!

Well then, how does one start? I guess this is your typical first blog post where I clarify my intentions… The problem is, I don’t really have something specific in mind. Mostly I’ll be writing about things that interest me – for a quick taste check out the ‘About’ page. Maybe I’ll even comment on current affairs sometimes (don’t take this for granted). And now that I took this out of the way let me try to convince myself that I’m not doing something stupid.

Why do I want to start a blog? At this point in time it’s got more to do with personal development than having something important to say. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time now but i was constantly put off by the same things that still reinforce my doubts. How can I start a blog if I can’t be bothered to tweet frequently?! But so it happened, in an unexpected turn of events I stumbled upon two different but equally inspiring posts just when I found some free time.

In a post about his experience making the transition between development and design, P. J. Onori says it better than i could possibly do:

However, at some point (preferably earlier than it is comfortable for you), it will be important to start formulating those points of view to an audience. Thoughts kept in your head have the luxury of being biased, irrational or simply flawed. Communicating those thoughts to an audience and opening them up to scrutiny forces us to improve our thinking. Writing well is also essential to practising design. I’ve done some of my best learning through writing on my blog. I would suggest blogging as the first step towards sharing your ideas.

That same week, in a post by Caterina Fake, I saw another incentive:

Back in the early days of this blog, after the weekend, I’d write about what I did the week before in an unordered list. This pressured me to do interesting things, which was a good thing, and reflect on them. Also a good thing. So this post is an effort to get back into the habit.

I think you get the idea by now. I seriously don’t enjoy it but the truth is that I thrive on pressure. Pair this with the aforementioned benefits of writing and a chance to refresh / sharpen my english and here I come!

PS. I know there’s nothing in the ‘About’ page yet! This will change soon together with the domain and blog title. Stay posted!


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